Tingley Athletic FC was formed in 1976 with desire to tackle a local problem. With many clubs for young and open age individuals sprouting and dissolving in a quick succession, Tingley Athletic was formed to stay. Offering a safe, fun and enjoyable environment to play the beloved game of football, we believe Tingley Athletic has offered everything players desire. With an ever expanding player base, increasingly promising sponsorships and a team of excellent officials, coaches and of course volunteers.

It is important for many that they can trust and rely on their local favourite club to stand tall in strong headwinds, strike through all defence thrown at it and succeed in its goal. This is the founding of which Tingley Athletic stands upon. From goal line to goal line, we maintain our pitches, coach and recognise skill in our players, pioneer amateur football club fundraising. Our club is one of a few in the country to have gained the FA Community Charter Award, proof we are here for the players. With our forward thinking tactical plan of action, we continually innovate. An example of such achievement by our club, is the grand opening of a permanent home The Cresent. Through a mammoth grant of nearly £600,000 from the Football Foundation, in addition to supporting and encouraging sponsors, Tingley Athletic is like no other. Our home and players can be found in East Ardsley, you can be apart of this movement!

Open to boys, girls and open age, if you are interested in football – we are interested in YOU!

Contact us either by email secretary@tingleyathletic.co.uk or call us on 07813 700296.