Bag Pack – Morrisons SUNDAY 13th August

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Bag pack time slots allocated as below

Bag Pack – Morrisons SUNDAY 13th August
Time Slot 10am-4pm
10-11am U9 (Chris)
11-12am U10 (Steve)
12-1pm Girls Academy
1-2pm U9 & U11 Girls
2-3pm U7 (Tony)
3-4pm U8 (Stephen & Alex)

Please note :
When in our stores we do ask that you observe the following guidelines:
– Please do not rattle collection tins at customers
– Do not ask customers to sign up to direct debits, standing orders and lotteries
– Please do not obstruct shoppers on their way in or out of store
– If bag packing, please ensure that you only have one person per checkout unless they are young members and are being supervised
– No food or drink is to be consumed at the checkouts
Unfortunately if you do not adhere to these guidelines we may have to bring the event to an end.