Brighouse v Laydeez WRCWFL Cup semi final

This weeks match report is wrote by no other than Joey ‘The Bulldog’ Middleton.  Murf is a little put out that he is to be put out to grass by these young upstarts, but hey gotta give the less fortunate a chance.  This is Joeys report which may or may not have happened!!!

After a loss of two points against brighouse in the league the BB’s decided to start with an attacking force, welcoming new girl Beth Jennings into the centre of midfield along side KJ and Eldob. The ladies Laydeez started the game just like they finished against Brayton, attacking, closing down and playing for one another. The first of the eight (WTH Joey we don’t tell them the score this early!!!) goals came from Emhas. Great build up play starting for the back saw the ball swiftly moved out to the left hand side where Emhas worked her magic, let go of a sweet strike which flew into the top corner. It was fair to say it took the laydeez 5 minutes to start what was hoped to be an impressive performance. 7 minutes later the lead was doubled through the captain Eldob from a strike outside of the box leaving the goal keeper with no chance. Has always the supporters was at their best, cheering and joining in with the celebrations.

Joey was playing in an unusual position today back from injury, scored a poachers goal. A cross from emhas once again saw her Joey nip in at the back post to slot the ball past the keepers arms. 3-0 up after 15 minutes and tingley were looking to be on their way to the final. However there was still more to come before the referee blew for half time. On the 21st minute emhas saw her 2nd of the game go flying into the back of the net from either a cross or shot which was headed over by nikki to make sure. A well worked goal saw a disguise pass from Ellie into the channel for nikki to fire straight time past the keeper. There were still enough time for brighouse to get onto the score sheet with a well worked cross from the left hand side which saw there midfielder slot into an open net.   Half time whistle went and tingley were in control at 5-1 which was ours to win. The bb’s were happy, praising the laydez for some of the best football they’ve seen this season. A substitution saw Sophie come on at left back for Claire who seemed to hurt her collar bone  and was taken to hospital by mum. We all hope your okay Claire.

Second half started and the laydez started again. Slick passing and moving from the laydez carried on. Eventually another substitution saw Joey come off for cara which saw a shuffle around with em holroyd going up front. On 69 minutes nikki in the box dragged the ball back, took three defenders out of the game and strikes the ball into the left hand corner saw her celebrating her second of the game too. Minutes later the final substitution saw Joanne on for em holroyd with about 20 minutes to spare. It took her less then 10 minutes to roll the ball over the line after recognising a spill from the keeper. There were still enough time for two goals from both sides and moaney to receive a yellow card from an incident with one of their players. Brighouse worked an opening on the edge of the box to see it go flying past Simone into the corner. It was now 7-2 with 10 minutes left.   KJ who put in a strong performance in the centre of midfield once again saw her score the goal of the game from a volley outside of the area which no keeper in the league would have had a chance of stopping. Tingley saw the rest of the game out with a convincing 8-2 win to send them through to the final of the cup.

A strong performance at the back by moaney, Claire, heather, em holroyd, Sophie and cara to limit the amount of chances brighouse had and when needing to passes the ball along the back before feeding into the midfield. Ellie had a quiet game compared to normal in holding midfield but when called upon stood her ground, drived forward and lead by example with tackles and blocks coming in from all over the park. Danni Biglin had a quiet game down the right as most of the action game from the left hand side with emhas and KJ but when asked she out paced there left back as well has putting excellent crosses in. Overall it was a great performance from all 14 ladies today, well done.

Ok there we have it Joeys first (and last) match report!!!  For the record we have no Claire, Heather, Em Holroyd, moaney, nikki, Sophie or Ellie in the team, we are not called laydez it is Clairebear, Hev, Emhol, Simon, Nicola, Soso & Eldob and we are Laydeez.  Not bad but ya went n told em the score far too early.  Yer sacked and KJ (or KC as she’s now known) is guest reporter for the next game, her spelling is bound to be better than yours!!!

Did any of this actually happen, left back??? eh what’s that?? disguise pass, ya need to get a life bulldog!!

POTM -KJ moved so fast round the pitch i thought she had a twin

HOTM- Clairebear for falling over a treacherous blade of grass or the tree for getting in the way of a perfect corner

TTFN it’s been emotional the end of an era bye Murf

ps thanks to the liner on our side who informed me of the time of every goal 🙂