Brayton v Laydeez

This weekend saw the Laydeez away to near rivals Brayton Belles, who had cruelly denied us the chance to play in the WRCWFL cup final a few seasons ago, so some old scores were due to be settled.  I had set off early to go gliding before taking up position on top of the changing rooms to view the on-suing game in the salubrious surroundings of Selby College.  Before I even arrived I had HRH AMH on the fone querying my whereabouts as Granny Smith and Dave were sure on their way up they had seen a body fall from a glider…..wasn’t me!!!  Snuggling down basking in the bit of sunshine we had, the BB’s were giving the girls a rollicking for standing like teapots, great pre match training sesh!, whilst the Belles were warming themselves up nicely.  Question was would Injury Utd be able to last a whole 90 minutes….hmmm  Anyway the ref made a HUGE mistake giving the Dobster the flag (previous weeks had seen it thrown on the floor and broke into two when he turned puce with rage), not withstanding he’s not actually that good at lining, but a jobs a job.  AND the other one had only gorn and bought himself to a happy meal!!!!  Weird goings on indeedy.  Anyhoo we welcomed back 2 long term sickies into the fold with Kim and Kellie-Jo both raring to go.  With the Laydeez looking resplendent in the rarely seen (this season) pink kit, we were good to go.  From the off the Laydeez were keen to take charge of the game and found themselves rushing forward towards the Belles keeper.  Simon at the other end was doing her stretches and making the most of her time with no one to chat to as Emhol, Soso, Cara and Clairebear were more than able to deal with a random volley from the Belles.  It was however Kim after a short spell who found herself racing towards the net and with more of a foot under the ball, slipped our first past the Belles keeper.  The game was quite evenly matched from my vantage point with the Belles proving to be quite a forcible team for some of the younger players.  Hev found herself with more work to do this week as by the wisdom and genius (read coaching tips out of a cracker) of the BB’s they had moved her to a more midfield role with Eldob taking charge in the middle.  Most of the play to the dismay of the faithful who had travelled in their hundreds to watch this clash was on the far side of the pitch and cries of get the ball wide were frequently called out, blimmin hell it would have had to be well wide to get it over where they were standing!!!  Little one -twos from Nicky and Eldob constantly found DanniB, who had frequent runs towards goal but was always shut out by the ever present Vicky, the mainstay of the Belles defence.  A corner was awarded to the Laydeez when a dangerous shot got tipped over the goal by the outstretched hand of the Belles keeper.  A class corner found Kim’s head and she closed her eyes and grimaced without knowing she had bagged our second of the afternoon….tbh this might have been a free kick, but hey ho it adds to the drama.  The battle ensued for another 20 odd minutes with both teams having shots at goal and somehow with either sheer bad luck or the brilliance of Simon’s keeping skills they were denied the opportunity to grab one back before the man in black blew the whistle for the end of the first.  Sadly the BB’s weren’t happy with the first half performance and in between munching on oranges, WHICH ARE FOR THE PLAYERS, voiced their opinions, as usual it was blah, blah, teapots, tracking back, yawn nearly nodded off there.  The Belles were back on the field in quick time but the BB’s were still droning on and spraying all the players wi ralgex whether they needed or not.  The faithfull however were hopeful that this half they would see some action on their side of the pitch.  It didn’t take the Laydeez long until Eldob was award a free kick, which she volleyed straight into the back of the net.  The Belles did have shots at Simon and to be fair were unlucky not to score.  Emhas and KJ were now working well and linking up and try as she might Emhas when near goal more than often found herself frozen out.   Kim now had had enough and was giddy with the 2 goals she had scored, to save her from becoming bigheaded she was uncerimoniously dragged off and replaced by Joanne.  Old lass Nicola had been trying for the whole of the first half to bag a goal for herself and now with a razor sharp pass from KJ she found herself, with only the keeper between her and the scoresheet, she won that one, bringing our tally to 4.   By now Emhol’s hip/leg/ankle had given out and it was time to bring on the less injured Soso (also suffering with bad hip/leg/ankle all we needed was Joey to complete this sorry saga, but she opted to spectate).  Try as they might the Belles could not get the break they had strived to achieve, until an error by the back mob saw a lone attacker with more or less an open goal, as she realeased the ball, a random comment of ‘and she’s missed’ from the faithful (LEE PRIESTLEY TO BE PRECISE),  had the ref admonishing us whilst Lee did his best little Mr Innocent impression.  For the record she did miss.  Back and forth with neither side wanting to give an inch, until up steps the old girl to bag the last goal of the day bringing the tally to 5.  A decisive win for the Laydeez and nice to see em all going home wi smiles on their faces.

POTM Kim bad leg, eyes shut 2 goals

HOTM Lee “it wasn’t me” Priestley for certain comments

TTFN it’s been emotional a good day out

Dobby this is how to write a match report, Nicola I know it’s not blimmin accurate, but me fur was blowing in my eyes most of the time and I was eyeing up two delightful looking bitches on the Brayton side!!!

ps when i say bitches, I mean two lil female pugs!!!