Laydeez thru to semis

Well indeedy it is a rare honour that we have one of the BB’s no less doing this match report.  Of course it is not going to be as factual as our Murfs endeavours, but ya gotta give the oldies a try.  Murf was away visiting his long dead relative Greyfriars Bobby up in Bonnie Scotland and was gutted to have missed the Laydeez in action in only our second game of 2013, indeed at a ground that was the not far from Leeds airport meaning there would be loads of luvvly Jet2 planes overhead.  Would the Laydeez be rusty or would they shine thru and seriously is Dobson up to writing a match report!!!  Anyhoo with threats of snow no one actually knew if we were gunna actually play today and Emhol didn’t even know where or who we were playing READ FLIPPING FACEBOOK YA NUMPTY!!!  Over to Dobby :}

Today the ladies played Leeds medics in the 1/4 final of the WRCWFL cup and came away with a 3-1 victory. Its fair to say that the medics are probably the fittest side we’ve played this year and battled all the way to the end.Tingley didnt play their best football but did enough to earn a semi spot in march’s semi final. This week our forwards did a sterling job and collectively scored all the goals including a couple of rip roaring strikes from Joanne Church and Nicola Smith. Emily Holroyd and Sophie Thompson were outstanding second half in helping Cara Mahoney shut up shop and only allowed a few shots against the tiger nailed Symone-Marie Harrison. The midfield pairings today struggled in the bad weather but did enough to service our front line. lady H has been informed and is well pleased to be strtting her stuff in her first ever cup semi final….in fact she tells me she might even put a kit on in anticipation of an injury. A big clash next week against harrogate railway so all players need to be up for the challenge. well done ladies.

Righty ho where do i start, there’s no build up telling us the score in the first sentence and by the looks of it we only had 7 players, Murf manages to give everyone a name check.  Dobson yer sacked


bobbyIt’s been emotional an extremely short match report