Top of the table clash featuring the Laydeez and Harrogate Railway

2012 ended on a high with the Laydeez securing a comprehensive win against Ossett Town.  Roll forward to 2013 and some slightly jaded players took to the field to play host to Harrogate Railway.  TBH this was possibly not the greatest fixture to have as your first game back, some of us had over indulged during the festive period and were hardly lean, mean fighting machines.  Some of us had also been out til silly o’clock in the morning celebrating Cara’s birthday, and  some of us didn’t even bother getting out of the car to watch.  With key players missing, (Vikki and Emhol), we had to somehow get thru todays game against a team who had not lost a game so far this season.  And all we had to back us up was a bizarre training session involving the BB’s and crab football (patent pending).  Fair to say it was flipping freezing and with no luxury down at Batley, the prospect of 90 minutes against Harrogate seemed slightly less appealing than having my nails clipped, but at least we would hopefully see some football.  Whistle blown and the countdown was on, the Laydeez forced themselves into action, showing all the enthusiasm of a dead hedgehog.  Upfront we had the new striking force of Nicola (awesome goalie or what???) and Joanne (me offside??? …..NEVER), it only took Joanne a mere 15 minutes before she put an almightly chink into Harrogates armour.  Back to centre circle and Eldob forcefully removed the ball from the Harrogate attack force, passing to Nicola who bobbed her way thru defence to score our 2nd goal.  Cara who had spent most of the game holding her stomach (due to copious amounts of alcohol the night/morning…ALL DAY before), did make a good stab of leaving defence to head towards the Railway goalie, but with double vision this was a mission that she somehow failed spectacularly in.  Soso, Hev and Clairebear were in no doubt that Simon needed a good rest and ably dealt with any straying Railway attack.  Simon tho at times did give the faithful cause for concern when the stray shots were bizarrely saved in only a fashion that she herself can perform.  It was one of them games when we had shots on target, which hit everything but the blimmin net, I had me paw over my binoculars as I was constantly wondering how the heck hadn’t it gone in.  Eldob, Dannib and Joey were constantly on the backs of the Railway players (too lazy to walk) and protectively looked after a green looking Cara.  Joey got the ball and found Joanne upfront, who obvs wasn’t seen as a threat, she was allowed to go unmarked and was rewarded with a powershot which was out of the keepers range and fairly into the back of the net.  The Laydeez were allowed a small bit of breathing space, with a 3 goal lead and as seen before took the foot of the brake.  It was too late for midfield and the back line to stop a charging Railway player, slotting thier first of the game into the back of Simons net in the dying seconds of the first half.  Second half saw the Laydeez shiver their way back onto the battlefield, whilst Harrogate had renewed vigour, buoyed up by their first half goal.  It wasn’t too long before their tenacity was rewarded with another goal.  TBH they did seem to want the victory more than the Laydeez.  A second half substitution saw Cara off to be replaced by the equally ill Looli.  Joey had been having a great time in midfield, battering all who came anywhere near her.  Finding the Eldob, who getting the ball on her powerful foot saw her cannonball a shot well out of the keepers reach.  Harrogate were not going to go out without a fight and upped the pace of the game.  Bypassing Joey, Dannib and Eldob, they found themselves easily getting past Soso and Clairebear and had a lonesome Hev and  finallySimon to get past which they did with ease and bagged their 3rd of the game.  The BB’s didn’t have much to say, (mutter, mutter, jesus christ blah de blah).  Looli whos heart (or body) didn’t really look into the game, showed a streak of brilliance, when a pass from Emhas to Eldob found Dannib, who threaded thru to Looli, unchallenged she nonchelently slipped the ball into the bottom corner.  After this she went off to received medical attention from Emhol.  Emhas meanwhile didn’t have much to do as she found the time to sign autographs and have her picture taken with the failthful.  That was until she realised the ball was coming more over to her side thanks to Soso and Nicola, who were a wee bit jealous of all the adoration that was going on, why pugz was practically doe-eyed.  Ha she had to work now, running up the wing she found Dannib, who had a great chance to get herself on the scoresheet….. she missed!!!  Each time the ball ventured towards the Railway goalie there was Emhas screaming for it and running off whilst it was at the other side of the pitch, another powershot from Eldob saw the ball find Emhas, who sprinted towards the goal, she saw a chance with Nicola running in and laid it off (tech term folks!!), leaving Nicola to get her 2nd of the game.  Coaching tips from the BB’s saw her told NOT to get anymore, this however was our Capn, who does NOT listen to a blimmin word that is said to her.  Practically forcing the ball from a Railway player she steamrollered her way past everyone and with a clear shot, she blimmin well missed….well she was told not to score anymore.  Final whistle blown and the Laydeez had indeed dented the unbeaten record of Harrogate Railway. Time for me go go home and sit by the radiator, tho not before I had to stand wi mum and listen to the BB’s wax lyrical about every blimmin bit of the game.

POTM – Joey fantastic acrobatics and a never give in attitude, aslo an all round good egg (ok murf SHUDDUPP)

HOTM – Clue they both looked a bit green round the gills (ANSWERS ON FACEBOOK PLEASE)

Til next week my lil dragonslayers

TTFN it’s been emotional a blimmin triumph